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thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly. remember that the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: we'll have a lot on the escalation coming out of north korea later in the program. but for weeks, right here on this program, we have exposed countless examples about how the obama administration blatantly, i mean blatantly wastes your hard earned tax dollars. lavish white house parties, numerous luxury vacations that the first family and bidens have been going on and the list goes on and on. yesterday president obama jetted all the way across the country on air force one all on your dime trying to raise money at fundraisers. why? to help push through his radical agenda and get nancy pelosi elected speaker in 2014. tonight we're going beyond all that because we're going to expose how all of that money can be considered church change when
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it comes to how much of your cash is really being wasted in washington, d.c for example, did you know your paycheck was hit in order to fund a study on how to use condoms correctly. i don't make this up. indiana university, they received that money as part of a stimulus grant and it cost you over $423,000. and surprisingly, it created zero jobs. and also thanks to generous donation to the federal government, you helped bank roll a yale university study on the evolution of duck genitalia. the price tag? over $384,000. but why stop there? let's keep going. did you ever wonder what animals are thinking? i hope you are because you're paying to find out the answer. cns news points out the national science foundation has given over $2 million to ask that question. it's called wild minds. remember, smoky the bear? the department of agriculture, they doled out almost 31 grand on balloons shaped like his face
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at various festivals. how nice of them. and joining me with reaction from the daily caller and the co-host of "fox & friends" weekend, tucker carlson and former congressman, dennis kucinich. this goes back to the sequester, all the scare tactics this doom and gloom, even though we'll spend more money this year. i hear this, this is all a crock. i've been doing government waste and monitoring it since i've gotten into this business in 1987. it never goes away, does it? >> no, it doesn't. you could start with some of the wars we fought that were unnecessary. trillions of dollars. if you look at inspector generals report, you'll see that there is a litany of amount of money that's wasted in endeavors that we try to work in other countries. we had to -- we ought to start taking care of things right here and your focus on waste, fraud and abuse, very important. >> sean: don't we really need to know about duck genitalia? >> wait a minute. go ahead. >> i know more than i want to
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already. >> sean: it makes me think, wow, that's great use of my money. >> imagine spending half a million dollars to teach people how it use condoms correctly. if you don't know how to use one, there is nothing the federal government can do to help you. you are beyond help. maybe we need a government nurse to be hired, on call, available. >> we have one, it's called the surgeon general of the united states. he's happy to expert you. >> sean: he'll dom your house and help you. >> if only obamacare provided for that, maybe it will. >> i mean, do we really need $30,000 to study a federal -- a federal study aim to do increase the intake of tap water among latino use? why don't we get to the bottom of this at a time when we now have one in five american children as we pointed out in poverty? >> well, we also have a great number of american children suffering from childhood obesity. that's a serious matter. it is tied in part to increased intake of sugary drinks.
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so that's a serious issue. but the study may not actually hit the mark. likewise, the study about what animals think. look, i think i have an idea what animals might think. they're probably thinking, don't eat me. [ laughter ] >> sean: i think that's probably true. what do you -- don't you want to know about duck genitalia? don't you think that's great use -- by the way, yale university, does it not have huge endowments and the ability to fund such important research by themselves? >> can i make the obvious point, which it's not just about the money, that's infuriating, especially since it's tax season. some of us will be paying up. but it's the idea that the government has a right to inject itself into the most personal decisions in your life. why is the government concerning itself with what sort of water latino youth drink? it's not their business. it's also not their business whether people use condoms. what decisions can you make? >> i'm all with you with the
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government enter convenienting in private decisions people make. they ought to stay out of people's private lives. let me point something out. this consumption of sugary drinks, this is serious matter. right now with the supplementary nutrition program, we still permit the consumption of those kinds of drinks and it's paid for by the taxpayers instead of trying to encourage more healthy choices. that's the kind of thing we ought to be thinking about. >> sean: do we really want the government, congressman -- for example, our government is part of our list here, $2.4 million to improve the tv diet of preschool children. i'm like, really? do you really want the government telling people what they can and cannot eat, how much -- you can't get 32-ounce coke in certain places now in new york because the nanny mayor of new york won't let that happen. you have to ask for salt if you want salt at a restaurant. >> well, let me share my experience with you on this. i changed my diet 18 years ago,
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became a vegan. i've been healthier ever since. i didn't do that with the help of the government. i made my own decision. people have to take responsibility for their own health, up to a certain point. >> sean: the government then force you -- didn't force to you do it, because i just finished my diet and i was on the atkins diet and i'm only eating meat. i lost 16 pounds. >> i demand fair time here. i haven't eaten a vegetable since 1983. i eat almost exclusively meat and also cheese. and i feel i'm on the anti-vegan diet and i am filled with vim, vigor and enthusiasm. i wake up each morning ready to tame the day and make it my only i credit my anti-vegan diet. i'm not attacking veganism. i am saying there is another way. >> sean: may i ask why you don't like vegetables? why don't you like vegetables? what's wrong with you. >> because in 1983, i left home and i no long more to eat them, so i no longer did. [ laughter ] >> sean: i think you were traumatized. >> yes, i was. >> sean: here is my point, congressman. we're going to shut the white
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house to kids and tours and the obamas and binds won't have any skin in the game and not pay their fair share and they are going vacation as lavishly as they do and justin timberlake and bee say and everybody else -- beyonce and everybody else sing for example white house, he'll play 120 rounds of golf, i don't really want to -- we're going to spend more money this year than last. i don't want to hear from the government that anything is going to be cut until they do their job and stop mismanaging our money because we're borrowing a big percentage of this, which we haven't brought up yet. that is from future generations, we are robbing them blind. >> well, that's a lot there. let me deconstruct it. number one, it's my understanding that the administration must reimburse the taxpayers for any trips that have aplite cam nature. that's what i understand. number two, you're right with respect to an example to that has to be set. we can't ask the people of this country to have to even forego
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visits to the white house if we see examples of where money is wasted. so we have to encourage the white house to be more mindful of the optics of conduct where money might be spent in one area and you're telling the public that you're going to have to tighten the belt in other areas. >> sean: thank you both for being with us. important. we'll never get o a balanced budget until every congressman and senator stops this corrupt system they're running. thank you both. coming up next, north korea for the first time in history, the u.s. is deploy ago brand-new highly sophisticated missile defense system, now in anticipation of a possible nuclear attack by north korea. they're threatening to nuke the united states of america. when we come back, john sununu is here to break down ou the obama administration should respond to what's now a growing threat. don't go anywhere. also later, it's the video you have to see to believe right there. you see caught on tape, you see prisoners in jail doing drugs,
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>> sean: for days on this program we have been updating you on the provocative rhetoric coming out of north korea. while we have learned such threats are rarely carried out, tonight there is word missiles are being relocated that pose a clear and present danger to this country. multiple reports indicate that the rogue regime in peiyan yang
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has positioned a missile with, quote, considerable range on its east coast. this conflicting information as to whether or not it is a long-range weapon capable of reaching the u.s. or one that would place japan and south korea in the target zone. however, the pentagon are not wasting time responding to the potential threat. for the very first time in history action the terminal high altitude area defense system has been deployed. this highly sophisticated technology will be cast with protecting the u.s. territory of guam, located 2200 miles from north korea. and as all of this unfolds, our commandser in chief has been busy fundraising for the past 48 hours. joining me with reaction, john sununu. there are indications tonight, governor that, in fact, the united states is pulling back a little bit. they had sent the uss john mccain, two f-22 fighters and missile defense system, but that's pretty much it. what's your reaction to the president? >> yeah, that's probably not a
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bad idea to pull back a little bit. look, the key to all of this is china. and china has the real influence here and everyone keeps forgetting that china has sort of a mixed agenda on this. china does not want a unified north korea-south korea. they do not want a unified korea, so they fuel, if you will, the sparks of tension on a constant basis, but when it starts to get unwieldy as it is now, then they come in and try and bring it back. they've been artful in this over the years. and it frankly encourages in some way the actions of the north koreans and then the chinese come in and try and rein it in. it is this two-sided agenda, if you will, of the chinese that i believe continues to fuel this slightly irrational behavior we see out of north korea. >> sean: that's the point with kim jong-un, it is fairly unpredictable, these threats are fairly unprecedented.
6:15 pm
they're talking about nuking an american city. why do i think it would be better to be more prepared than less prepared just in case? >> correct. it doesn't mean -- look, you know that it's not in my genes to protect the obama administration. >> sean: no, i'm look for a real answer. >> that having demonstrated with the b 2's we sent there and having put -- >> sean: two of them. >> additional sea power in place, moving it back just a little bit is not a bad idea to see if it gets a response. if it doesn't, we can continue to put the kind of pressure that we had on last week back in the game. >> sean: i remember you got -- the president once referred to himself as being lazy and you got criticized for saying what he says about himself, which is all silly and ironic because he says he's lazy, i believe him. i'm all in favor of accepting his own adjective about himself. but more importantly, you go
6:16 pm
back to benghazi and the president didn't take the time, didn't show the concern the night that our ambassador was killed and three others to even make a telephone call to his defense secretary at the time and i'm watching the president as we're getting threatened with nuclear weapons, he's out on the campaign trail telling everybody hobnobbing with billionaires and trying to tell everybody to elect nancy pelosi in 2014 as speaker. why do i think his priorities are constantly off base? >> look, there is no question he's still in the constant campaign mode. he's not sitting down to work out budget agreements. he's not sitting down to encourage republicans to join with him, if you will, in a unified national security statement. he really has to come back and recognize that there is a leadership responsibility in the presidency that he's failing to fulfill. he seems to feel that the excuse of wanting to elect as his spokesman said yesterday, elect people that are more in tune
6:17 pm
with him philosophically justifies going out on this four big event fundraising trip in san francisco and the other things that he's doing out there. leadership is important and i think this president is really going to be surprised that the american public are going to demand a little bit more of him in this four years than they did in the last. >> sean: here is what i want to know. >> it's starting to happen with some of his pet issues. there is starting to be a public backlash against his failure to be able to get things done and his willingness to do the right things, particularly on the budget. >> sean: so we've got flying around the country campaigning. we have now between the bidens and obamas, eight vacations just since the beginning of the year. we've got golf. we've got basketball. we've got concerts and other parties being planned, and vacations for the summer being planned, but yet, russia's flying nuclear weapons over our
6:18 pm
air space in guam. the chinese are attacking our internet here and our national security secrets. then we have other provocations with iran and now north korea and elsewhere. i just don't see that the president is engaged and my greater fear, governor, tell me where i'm wrong, is that i think the world is determined to make -- that he's not going to do anything. i don't think they fear him. >> that is a serious problem. and the biggest problem he has is that he is still, i think, a firm believer in his wrong perception that it is not important for the united states to clearly demonstrate that it is the strongest super power in the world and to use that strength to maintain a level of respect amongst the countries around the world. in fact -- the position -- soft position he's taken has resulted in the united states losing significant respect and
6:19 pm
significant friends around the world. so he's got to wake up some day and realize his strategy is not working and that ronald reagan speaks awfully and carry a big stick is the right way for this country to operate in today's world. >> sean: do you think the leaders doing what they want, do you think they've come to a similar conclusion that they can push him around and he's not going to do a thing? in other words, they perceive he's weak? >> they perceive that he has a philosophy and probably a strategy of maintaining a very soft voice and not carrying a very big stick. i think they're taking advantage of it. >> sean: all right. governor, always good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up next, yours truly took a lot of heat for saying black conservatives no longer have the right to free speech in america. but believe it or not, we found a jumpist who agrees with me. she will join me live. later, here we go again, a
6:20 pm
stunning "washington post" investigation exposes how the administration is strong arming banks. guess what, they want to dish out loans to people that have poor credit. get ready for the next housing bubble bust, part 2. sadly, those details -- by the way, did you know you can get drugs in prison? we've gop the video. got the video
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a subaru.
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>> sean: welcome back. the last attack on dr. carson continues, i've taken a lot of flak for dare to go point out the truth about african-american conservatives in general and for saying the following. if you're african-american and you're conservative, you are vilified. you are demonized. you are called names. you are attacked. that is the ongoing epidemic that goes on. there is no freedom of speech for african-american conservatives in america. not everyone disagreed, including my next guest, a.j. delgado who wrote this in her column. as the left consistently demonstrated throughout the years, racial politics trump all. try being a minority who dares be a conservative. brace yourself, there is not only a matter of how few will give you a voice or listen, but rather the many who will try to
6:25 pm
silence you. joining me you media a.j. delgado and star parker. good to see you. a.j., i was very impressed and appreciative that you put yourself out on a line and you said yeah, this is true: tell me why you agree with that. >> thank you, sean. you're one of the few to speak the truth about this and truth is that black conservatives and many latino conservatives don't have freedom of speech. there's a tremendous amount of censorship and it's a crisis and an epidemic, as you said, that we face. when you have conservatives who are minorities, who are vilified, who are viciously attacked, whose livelihood is threatened sometimes even, or whose sanity is questioned, we saw that with herman cain when jeanine garofalo accused him of suffering from stockholm syndrome. when you have that, of course there isn't freedom of speech. it's a form of censorship. when you're intimidated into silence. that's what we see happening all
6:26 pm
the time with minority conservatives. you're one of the few who stood up and actually called it as it is. >> sean: where are all the liberals that claim they have a monopoly on compassion. the ones that say conservatives are racist, where are all the liberals when blacks that are conservative are attacked? their silence is deafening because you know if it was a liberal, a black liberal attack, they would be outspoken and passionate and talk about racism in america. >> the liberals are the one doing the attacking. if they can't destroy you, then they will ignore you. they will cost you your live liehood, it's social suicide and it's professional suicide. the reason that they use this tactic is so that other blacks won't speak out. remember, for the last 20 years, 30% of the african-american community polls on our side. they tell the pollsters they are eadvantage gelcap and conservative. they may not vote their values, but they say them. if they started to see more voices speaking up and speaking about you ideas, the congressional black caucus has
6:27 pm
controlled every inner city community across this country for the last 40 years. and look at the result. when we start getting to the issues, then they have to be silent because this falls at the feet of the liberals. >> sean: look at dr. carson which a.j. wrote about. what do you make of the attacks against him? i look at him, this isn't just for black america. this is for every american -- grew up, was not a good student. had somebody who loved him. he started to read and study and abandoned tv and look at how successful he is. >> that's right. >> sean: in america. >> which is a threat to liberalism. his life story embodies american exceptionalism, that anyone from any background or ethnicity can make it. their whole m.o. is keep blacks in the mentality of slavery, dependent on them. look, blacks are not only dependent -- >> sean: are you threatened by him? >> are they threatened by him? this threat is even larger than when bill cosby tried to stop off their plantation. this threat is deep into black
6:28 pm
america because he's a hero in black america. remember, most of our children have read his book. this did a major movie on his life. he's soft spoken. he embodies what we all say we want, freedom. and personal responsibility. this is a big threat to big government. >> sean: a.j., what do you think the impact of dr. carson is? a lot of people have been analyzing it and i just think he's a powerful voice and his life story is inspiring and he's made a decision. he's going to speak out and i don't think he's going away any time soon in spite of the attacks against him. >> well, he's a powerful voice, sean, and a tremendous role model. but more than any of that, he's a huge threat, as star said, to the left. he breaks that narrative. he refused that narrative of this racism that we have in our party supposedly, according to the left, of the dependency on the state, all of that. dr. carson stands for the direct opposite. so being such a threat and such a massive inconvenience of the
6:29 pm
left, we've seen the attacks on him from day one, whether it was dismissing him, ridiculing him, slandering him by saying that he made remarks that he did not actually say, the attacks will continue on dr. carson. >> sean: i agree with you. >> it has on all these others. >> we have -- >> sean: what happened to the civil rights leaders? where is the congressional black caucus? >> i think they're afraid to speak out. >> look at chris matthews. they're not going to speak out. they're getting their peiyans to do it because these east too big. his identity is too big in black america. >> sean: you think a the congressional black caucus is afraid to? >> they don't know what to do. exactly. cuba gooding played his part in the movie. we're talking hollywood. his story goes beyond anything that they can control. now that we have social media, they can't stop these voices coming out of the black community. >> sean: a.j.? >> what's interesting is you have what -- the reason i
6:30 pm
mention chris matthews is we've heard for the past five years is all criticism of observe soak is racially motivated, arably based. that's what we heard for five years. yet, for dr. carson, where is that raised when this man is criticized? then it's not about skin color. no, we just don't like what he's saying. >> but we have to watch out for the double standard. >> sean: you can't even say the word chicago or urban. >> that's racism. and we don't need him to be our spokesperson for what's racist and what's not. what's racist is a inbound really policies in this country that keep people dependent on the government. i'm so thankful he's on our board of advisors. >> sean: dr. carson? >> yeah. >> sean: i didn't know that. >> my story is a little different from his. his mom refused to go on welfare and she worked hard to make sure that those little boys would study and they grew up to be amazing men. hey, i'm a doctor. >> sean: you grew up in this system. >> my life was confusing and so i started making real wreckless
6:31 pm
choices. i believed the lie of the left and i ended up in drugs and sexual activity and stuff that landed me in dependency. notice the same conclusion. he is a christian man as well. that's why they're threatened on the left. by religion itself. that's one of the reasons we have all of these. >> absolutely. >> sean: thank you both. what we're going to do next week is we're inviting prominent black conservatives who are demonized, going to have an audience show and we're going to break this wide open because the rest of the media has ignored it. so thank you, star. a.j., thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: coming up next, it appears that president obama is doing his part to bring back america's housing crisis and bubble. we're going to tell but a stunning "washington post" investigation that reveals how his administration, guess what, they're urging banks to give loans to people that have bad credit again. wait until you hear the explanation why. then later, they're locked up, behind bars for committing crimes.
6:32 pm
you won't believe what's going on there as inmates are caught on camera, shooting up drugs, smoke, drinking, alcohol, all of this, gambling, on tape. we've got the video. also quick programming note, make sure you tune in this monday night, 9 eastern for this special edition of "hannity" as we will be joined by dr. carson and a studio audience much black conservatives. then i talk about how they're vilified by the left for their political views, something that needs to be exposed. 9 eastern, audience show, monday . while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function
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what's the "new" in the new new york?. a new property tax cap... and the lowest middle class income tax rate in 60 years... and a billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives. new opportunities for business. over 250,000 new private sector jobs were created over the last two years. and 17 straight months of job growth. with the most private sector jobs ever. lower taxes, new incentives, new jobs, now that's news. to grow or start your business in the new new york visit >> sean: very disturbing news out of washington. it appears the obama administration is not only encouraging, but strong arming banks to give loans to people with poor credit. according to a report in the "washington post," president obama's economic advisors aand outside experts say the nation's much celebrated housing rebound is leaving too many people hyped, including young people looking to buy their first homes and individuals with credit records that were weakened by
6:37 pm
the recession. in response, administration officials say they are working to get banks to lend to a wider range of borrowers by taking advantage of taxpayer backed programs, including those offered by the federal housing administration that insure home loans against default. wait a minute. this is the exact tactic that caused the housing bubble and the housing market to crash years ago. is washington ever going to learn from its past mistakes? just another sign that the administration has no idea what they're doing. joining me with reaction, the founder of campens company and ceo of the bab group, real estate analyze, dani babb. the community reinvestment act, wasn't that the government started under jimmy carter, doubled down by bill clinton and increased under clinton that forced banks and financial institutions to make loans to people that didn't have good credit and were unlikely to pay it back, that didn't meet the standards? isn't that command?
6:38 pm
>> it is. then we had clinton that promoted the national homeownership strategy and then bush that promoted the ownership society, and then we had the real estate bust. and then we insert president obama who is now saying, you know what, banks, even under dodd frank, you can't lend to these borrowers because they're too high risk. so it's actually illegal for you to do it. but a going to use taxpayer money and we're going to allow to you lend to borrowers with a 500 fico and 3 1/2 down payment that have a 71% chance of defaulting. we're going to use taxpayer money to insure that mortgage. >> sean: so we're basically going to make the same mistake, considering many people haven't recovered, katrina, from the last housing bust, and many people in this country right now, their best investment, their biggest investment, a lot of people counting on their retirement, is supposed to be their homes, they're under water. now we're going to do the same thing that led to the problem, that led to the decline in the housing market. am i wrong? is this not what caused the
6:39 pm
housing bubble and the crash? >> this is absolutely ridiculous. the fact that they just can't let the free markets take care of itself, it just makes no sense. as you all mentioned, this is exactly what got us into in this mess to begin with. what's more ridiculous, we're on our way to a housing recovery. why are you going to mess with something that's not broken? it makes no sense. and i understand that a credit rating does not indicate your full potential and your full wealth potential burks it does indicate whether you pay back your loans. it does indicate whether you're a good borrower. and one of the main reasons why people have a bad credit score is 'cause they're not paying back their credit card bills. so why on earth do you think they're going to pay their mortgage? it makes no sense. >> sean: what are the root cause here? dani, i'll ask you next. isn't this rooted in this idea that every american deserves a home. we deserve health care, deserve a home, whether we have the annual to pay it back. so all of a sudden, all the
6:40 pm
banks are forced to lend this money, financial institutions are forced to lend people money that they otherwise would not lend money to. and then the government backs it up and then we, the taxpayer, we pay for the default that's coming ten years down the road in massive numbers. >> or maybe even three years down the road. we have 2.3 million homes that are still in shadow inventory that haven't even hit the market yet. because of the administration's interference in the foreclosure process in states like california and new york, for example, they're not even able to take these homes back and put them on the market yet. so we haven't even begun to see a huge wave of yet another set of foreclosures coming down the pipe and at the same time, we're going to lend to people who can't pay back the loan. this represents 8% of the people out there, the group that the obama administration wants to cover, about 8% of the borrowers, but they represent 71% of the risk. that does not make any sense. >> sean: katrina, i just think back on my own life and when i was starting out and i didn't
6:41 pm
have very much money, i rented. i rented for a lot of years. >> right. >> sean: i even had a landlord that was nice enough to let me do work to help me pay off my rent 'cause i was struggling to get the rent money every month. when i can finally put aside some money, save some money, i got a house i can afford. what happened to this -- >> did you it the right way. >> sean: i don't understand. where do we get the idea that you don't have the credit or the history of paying things back, but yet, we're going to force these banks to give you $200,000 to buy a house that you likely will never keep anyway? >> absolutely. listen, i am a fond believer in the american dream. i've lived it. but i also have earned everything and i'm a firm believer that everybody needs to earn things. and people in the united states, a lot of time, they think they deserve things. that's not the american dream. i'm a real estate professional. i want people to buy property. but i also want them to do it the right way. there are no short cuts to this.
6:42 pm
if that means that you represent first and -- rent first and then buy, that's okay! there will be the right time to purchase your home. so i just think government needs to stay out of it and just let the free market take care of itself. >> these young people, they actually in record numbers say they want to rent because they need to be able to move to where the jobs are. they don't want the tether of the home. >> exactly. >> it doesn't even make sense. >> sean: appreciate it. it's so dumb. the country is dumb. our leadership is dumber. unbelievable. what's the definition of insanity? do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. coming up next, you're going to have a thrill sent up your leg, i promise. this week's edition of media mash, brent bozelle is here with some of the most absurd of media bias. later, the disturbing video inside a louisiana jail, you need to see it to believe it. they're shooting up, smoking crack, doing drugs, gambling, drinking, all while locked behind bars. we have the video. the full video is coming up next
6:43 pm
and another programming note. tune in tomorrow night, 9 eastern, special edition of "hannity." our investigative part 2 of boom town, boom town 2, the business of food stamps in america. we'll expose how food stamp fraud is now being committed all across the country. for a sneak peek, head to hannity live where you can also comment on tonight's show reets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu! oh my goodness... oh my gosh, this looks amazing... [ male announcer ] 15 entrees under $15! it's o new maine stays! seafood, chicken, and more! h! the tilapia with roast vegables. the od grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. that pork chop was great. no more fast food friday's. we're going to go to red lobster... [ male announcer ] come try our new menu and sea food different. d introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99! salad, sandwiches and more.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." our weekly round up of all the ways the lame stream media tries to put their liberal spin on the news. to go through this, none other than the president of the media research center, brother brent bozelle, sir. welcome back. >> how are you? >> sean: is it even possible to get through a week without dump things said by chris matthews anymore? he really -- >> no, it's hard now. my staff and i have come up with a solution. with the $100 million that the president has signed to research the brain, if 50 million of it is devoted just to chris matthews, we might make some progress. >> sean: did you hear what he said to andrea mitchell? is wife beating something we worry about? it's your job, you explain it. i have no explanation for this.
6:48 pm
go. >> is that close to the bone, the idea of wife beating some -- beater. >> that was part of it. >> is that something that women really worry about, men being brutal? >> yes. the violence against women act -- >> in the home? >> yes. >> sean: help me out. i can't figure it out. beam me up. >> all right. it is a head scratcher because spent all of last year and all of 2011 telling us that there was a war on women, didn't snow didn't he say that women were endangered because of the republicans? now he doesn't understand about violence against women. he doesn't understand that there are in 2010, there were 765,000 cases documented of attacks on women. so something he's oblivious to. i hope they're going to present him as if -- if he presents joe biden as being the champion of violence against women and attaches that to the republicans, god help them. >> sean: chris matthews has a race problem. he says if he used the word chicago, dog whistle, racist, or urban, dog whistle, racist.
6:49 pm
there is something that is really gone off here. it's part of a narrative by liberals that they want to say conservatives are racist and now i'm not going to take it anymore. anybody that plays this game on something as vicious and vial and evil as something being a racist, they need to be called out for the game they're playing. matthews is now linking the gop resistance to gun control with violence committed by the aryan brotherhood. watch this. >> congress keeps going, people are really looking toward those second amendment remedies. >> that's when you're being threatened with. they don't like the way they're going, so they're threatening you with the gun play. this isn't arguable. this is the way the right wingers talk and i think other people are beginning to act that way. we have these cases closed out west, but you got prosecutors pulling themselves out of a case against the aryan brotherhood of texas. you can bet none of those characters ever voted for obama.
6:50 pm
>> sean: i want to say one thing and i want to get your take. we have $6 trillion in new debt because of this president. he said he cut the deficit in half his first term. didn't do it. we have literal 50 million americans on food stamps. 14 million americans permanent disability. one in five american children in poverty. his policies have failed. but if you criticize him, apparently in his mind, it's all because of race. why is he doing this? because it's everything now, almost daily. >> you know, it's like saber rattling in north korea where they have to keep their base agitated at all times. to keep that base agitated, they come up with this. this is the trick they're playing. they take a real event, in this case, white supremacists, and cop killers, and then turn it around and blame ted cruz. they blamed the republican party. they blame the conservative movement. they blame talk radio. guilt by association. we've soon it with -- >> sean: the tea party. >> with tea party.
6:51 pm
this is -- how do you think they would react if we pointed out, every time there was a cop killer, we pointed out the cop killer in california, who was his role model? chris matthews. what what if we pointed out that the unabomber, his role model was al gore. >> sean: because we don't make those associations because we know that's not true. >> but that's what offends me. when they call conservatives or republicans the haters. this is hate mongering. this is character assassination. and this is the daily grind. i will say it over and over again, i will not stop saying it. you folks at comcast, board of directors, this is your staff. doing character assassinations. >> sean: listen, i say to brian williams, you proud of this? i say to matt lauer, are you proud of the things that are being said under the brand name that you try to build? tom brokaw. i can't imagine he would be. speaking of nbc, jay leno is my favorite late night host. i think he's the funniest, an equal opportunity comedian and
6:52 pm
he's out. and he's the highest rated. let's roll the tape. >> over the weekend, president obama, you know president obama played golf with tiger woods and tiger said the president was a very good golfer for a guy who only plays five days a week, you know. that's pretty good. [ laughter ] actually you mow what the president's handicap is in doesn't understand economics. [ laughter ] that's the handicap. ground breaking move, the associated press, the largest news gathering outlet will no longer use the term illegal immigrant. that is out. no longer illegal immigrants. they will use the frame. undocumented democrat. that is the new term, undocumented democrat. >> sean: he's funny. he's rated number one. this is the second time they've tried this. why? and he's fair. letterman is a bitter, angry old liberal now. >> he really is. you wonder what the heck is going on at nbc that they fired their number one person. he's the guy who brought back
6:53 pm
the bacon more than anybody working for that netanyahu work. jay leno is a liberal. no question. but the reason that jay leno is number one, a reason is because he's not offensive. he tweaks both sides. johnny carson did the same thing. he might have been a republican, but he tweaked republicans as well. this is humor. this is good humor that he used. letterman is vicious. he's ugly. so are some of the other guys. i don't understand why they did it with jay leno. >> sean: there is nothing against jimmy fallon, i think he'll do a good job. i don't really watch his show as often, so i can't make an intelligent comment. did you see all the applause for obama -- thank you for the 5% cut. i'm about what about the eight vacation as soon as what about the justin timberlake concert that's coming up? what about the extravagance of campaigning all over the place? >> this is where liberals are
6:54 pm
hypocrites. here is the man, barak obama, makes $400,000 a year, he's worth millions. he's going to make tens of millions after he leaves the white house. he gives $20,000 of it back to the government. big deal! it's nothing. it's the change i've got in my pocket. that should be the story. >> sean: with eric bolling, to keep the white house tours open. >> i think if you were to say, i'm not going to bowl on sundays, i'm not going to play golf one sunday a month, he'd give a lot more money back. >> sean: all right. brent bozelle, thanks for being with us. coming up, shocking, disturbing, just unexplainable images from inside a jail, inmates can be seen drinking, shooting up, well, drugs, popping pills, brandishing a gun, and gambling, all caught on tape. we'll show you next joe woods' f. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef bere opening a restaurant
6:55 pm
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6:58 pm
>> sean: we close the show tonight with outrageous video from inside a now closed new orleans jail showing
6:59 pm
inmates gambling, shooting up drugs, drinking, playing with what looks to be a a loaded gun. the video surfaced on tuesday during a court hearing to decide whether or not to reopen the kno notorious prison. the inmates are playing with guns and joking about taking a variety of pills, drinking beer and it doesn't stop there. you see jesee inmates gamblinge scene shooting up heroin. they have no fear obviously of being caught. my first question, where are they getting all of the drugs and stuff in prison from? the videos were filmed years ago when the jail was still open and were found locked up in the safe at the sheriff's office. a district judge decided to show them to illustrate the lawless conditions of the jail. i think it is safe to say that the jail probably should remain closed. let's not hope this is the norm

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